DOGGIE VITA Italian Pasta Entrees in Trays for Dogs.  Invented by a Veterinarian.  Fully Cooked and Ready to Eat.  


Doggie Vita Italian Pasta Entrees in Trays for Dogs were invented by a veterinarian.  The entrees are produced in France using 100% human grade ingredients and special recipes that are healthy for dogs.

Doggie Vita Italian Pasta Entrees in Trays for Dogs are complete and balanced meals for dogs of all ages.  

The entrees are fully cooked in a 300 gram tray and are ready to eat. 

The product has an 18 month shelf life.  No refrigeration is needed until the product is opened.  No heating up is needed before feeding to the dog.  

Doggie Vita Italian Pasta Entrees in Trays for Dogs are available in the following eight entrees:

Lasagna with Wild Boar Meat                                       Penne with Trout

Cheese Ravioli with Wild Duck Sauce                         Gnocchi with Four Cheeses

Beef Tortellini with Walnuts                                          Farfalle with Trout                

Farfalle with Bolognese Sauce                                     Fusilli with Salmon

Upon request, we are able to provide Veterinarian Certificates and other documents needed for the importation of our product into countries around the world. 

International patent pending.


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